Meet the Associates: About the funeral


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Introducing… About the funeral

Founded by: Kim Bird

The independent UK funeral comparison and review site

About the funeral helps clients find the right funeral director and pre-paid funeral plan. Whether customers are coping with a recent loss, or searching for a way to plan ahead, About the funeral provides a comprehensive comparison service to assist them.

Kim worked in IT Sales and Marketing for Mainframe before deciding to combine her IT skills with the world of funeral planning. ‘It’s a very unusual fusion,’ she said. ‘That’s why I think I’ve got the edge – a lot of people who are interested in this area are either consumers, or people in the funeral industry who are maybe from an older generation. I’m aware of the requirements of marketing and I know how to get a business seen.’

About 15 years ago, Kim’s younger brother became an embalmer, which triggered a trail of thought about combining marketing skills and funeral planning. ‘I’d always wanted my own business, and working in funerals seemed like a good opportunity – I thought it could work in terms of marketing and setting up exhibitions.’ Kim became a bereavement support volunteer, and then a funeral arranger, in an attempt to challenge her emotional skills in dealing with the bereaved. Her experiences in this field of work are what eventually led to the concept behind About the funeral.

The Last Taboo


‘People would come in off the street,’ Kim said. ‘They wouldn’t necessarily have shopped around first, and so they’d blindly accept whatever quote they were given. It’s very difficult to know how to compare and what to expect for most people, who may never have arranged a funeral before.’ Kim set to provide these people with a way to find this information before setting foot in the funeral home. ‘Because once they’re there, they’re not likely to leave.’

‘One of the most important messages I took away from the experience was ‘see the pain and listen to the silence.’ You don’t always have to punctuate conversation with conversation – silence is very powerful.’

Kim believes that death, mortality and funeral preferences need to be discussed and explored. With her comprehensive comparison and review site, she is paving the way for a new era of open-ended honesty in the face of death.

‘I think funerals should be celebrations of a life well-lived, not something dark and depressing.’ Kim is trying to lighten the tone of funeral planning through her website and magazine, and even researched colour-schemes before settling on the lilac and orange shades which represent About the funeral.

Day by Day Magazine

Day by Day is a quarterly publication which provides independent advice and support to the recently bereaved. The magazine includes articles featuring advice for anyone who may be planning a funeral or looking to plan ahead. With articles from experts including bereavement counsellors, financial advisers, lawyers and funeral planners, Day by Day has one simple objective: to provide people with support and information during difficult times.

At the moment, Day by Day is not available to subscribe to, but we’ll keep you up to date! You can find more information through the website, which will be launching October 1st.

Kim will be participating at the Ideal Death Show at the beginning of September.

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