Introducing… indycube Tradestreet!


indycube Tradestreet

We love Cardiff. At the heart of Wales, it has everything – beautiful landscapes, nifty independent businesses and the bustle of city life. We also think it’s a great place to cowork… That’s why we’re opening a fourth indycube in the area!


You probably already know about indycube Cardiff Bayindycube Castle Quarter and indycube Atlantic Wharf, three equally fantastic, but different office spaces. indycube Tradestreet will be located right in the middle, midway between Cardiff town central and Cardiff Bay.

We’re right next door to Tradestreet Cafe, the prefect place to grab a coffee on your way in, or to meet associates for lunch.

All day parking for just £5 means you have the choice of driving or taking the train – we’re only a five minute walk from central station.

Give us a try using a Free Day Pass.