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Here’s some of the lovely people you can expect to meet at Indycube, and some of the things they say about us!

Nat Clements, an independent camera operator/producer, explaining why the Indycube Pay As You Go model is especially useful for her business.

Tristan Phillips of Appareo Design was booted out of his home office by the arrival of his daughter, and after a stint working in coffee shops, has relocated his business to Indycube Culverhouse Cross.

Jessica and Christian, aka Space Studios, on escaping the ‘four walls’ ┬ásyndrome of homeworking, and the benefits of working with people from completely different professional backgrounds.

Mike Mills, a product designer, on why he boxes clever with Indycube.

and another video from Mark, talking about what inspired him to open Indycube back in 2009.

Indycube Cardiff Promo from Crimzn on Vimeo.